I am excited to be a Volcanologist! My fascination with volcanoes dates back to early childhood, and never left me ever since. I have being pursuing my passion across four continents, and I always have a suitcase packed and ready to go. I just successfully defended my Ph.D. in Volcanology in the U.S., working on the rheology of lava flows. Coming up next is a Postdoc in Germany, at LMU. I wrote my own proposal on the effect of phenocrysts on lava rheology and got it funded by the Humboldt Foundation. I can’t wait to start working on it: I am very much curiosity-driven, and I can’t picture a better future for myself than one in which I get to look for answers to my own questions for a career.

I am also very passionate about Science Communication and Outreach, and I am always happy to answer questions and to talk about my life as a Volcanologist – to the vast majority of people, I am the first and possibly only one they will ever meet.

This website is about the visual part of my research adventures, that no words can really capture: the breathtaking field views, the colourful laboratory reactions, and the children’s amazement. There is a lot of beauty in science, and Volcanology is perhaps one of the most vivid fields. I am fortunate to see it daily, and want to share some highlights!